Surviving Freshman Year

High school isn’t like a wild jungle filled with drama queens and jocks as presumed to be like in the TV shows and movies. High school is actually pretty fun if you pick out the right group of friends and do your work! High school is your four-year prep before college. High school gives you the advantages of advanced classes and opportunities to colleges!

Of course there is going to be drama, but you just have to avoid it or make the best out of it. You might think you’ll be bullied, and if you are, contact an adult, but if you hang with some caring friends this won’t happen! You’re going to meet so many kind people that you will remember for the rest of your life. High school might be your best years of school!

If you’re worrying about the amount of work from classes, if you have a study hall and manage your time for homework, you won’t have that much work! Trust me, this will make your life a lot easier…

If your goal is to have straight A’s, I would recommend keeping a journal or notebook and writing down assignments you are missing/need to finish and your grade in each class to keep updated. This has helped me a lot this year, and I wish would’ve done it sooner!

Your first high school year will be a breeze, and the others will be too! Just keep to yourself and love yourself! Find some friends to hang out with in and after school. I promise you it isn’t as hard as it looks! High school is just filled with challenges to make you better as a person socially and academically.

Catalog Poem

The steady breathing. The ball touching the net. The control. The safe place from stress. The troubles go away. The challenge, the race. The practice to make it all worth it. The muddy cleats, the sweaty heads, the scraped knees. The days we don’t want to, the days we need to. This is soccer.

Visited Blogs

First I visited Olivia’s blog, who has a nicely set up blog and also rides horses like me.

Next I visited Xavier’s blog, we had a lot in common and plays the same sport as me.

Then I visited Alana’s blog, I really like her name! Her blog is very interesting.

Then I visited Blake’s blog, he posts a lot on his blog and is interesting.

Lastly I visited Fletcher’s blog, he also posts a lot and has a nicely set up blog.

I can’t remember the blog’s URL’s, but if you find these blogs, make sure to comment on them! These blog’s were very interesting and I enjoyed looking at these blogs.

Disadvantages of Internet

What you do on the internet is everlasting. Here is some disadvantages, even though we all love the internet.

  • Everything is documented, communication can be revisited.
  • Risk of misunderstanding
  • Isolation and addiction
  • Threats of virus on your devices
  • Pornography, exploitation, and violent images
  • Bullying and crime
  • Causes distractions
  • Threat to social life
  • Identity theft and hacking
  • Spam and advertising
  • Health issues from so much time spent on device
  • Effects focus and patience

What to Expect Your First Year of High School

Are you ending 8th grade and starting 9th? Worried you will get bullied? Don’t worry! High school is not bad at all unless you make it bad. There are always things to avoid and you know to make the right choices. Whatever school you go to, you will have loads of fun!

High school is more fun than it sounds. Your first year is the year you want to make your reputation in. You will have options of what classes you would like, along with side classes. You will have the opportunities to view colleges, and much more.

Drama is of course a problem, but with your right actions, it can easily be avoided. Just don’t start it, add to it, and be the bigger person! If it is a big problem and preventing your academic standards, then go to an adult or administrator for further help.

You’re going to hear “I hate freshmen” from a bunch of people, and after your first year, you will understand why. If you have matured, you will understand how crazy freshman act compared to the rest of the school.

Please, don’t run in the halls! You won’t be late to your class, you have a bunch of time to go to your lockers and go to your classes. Your teachers will be lenient. Make sure your grades are good! You should have a good GPA your first year to get off to a good start for the next three years. Have fun, if you have anymore questions, ask your adults or friends! Link to photo, Link to freshmen advice

Interview of College

I did a mini- interview with my older sister on college, I asked two questions, due to momentary. We did this over via FaceTime.

“Okay, first question, do you regret anything? Why so?” I say.

“ I regret anything..honestly, I regret going to college. I was not ready for it. I had a lot of personal stuff going on. I was living on my own. Now I am stuck with this student loan to pay off. I had financial worries and my relationship with my boyfriend to worry about.” she says.

“Wow, that’s really harsh sis:” I say biting my lip.

“So next question, and last because of our time, what point would you like to get across most?” I say.

“That’s a really good question hun. I guess one thing I’d like to get across most is that even though your parents and teachers push you to go to college, and how great it is, if you’re not prepared, college can ruin your life. You will have this student loan that is always lurking you to be paid. Sometimes, you don’t have to go to college to get to a place you would like to be. Don’t get me wrong, college is great. If you’re passionate about something, college is the place to go. Yeah, so, I guess the point I’d like to get across most is that you don’t have to go to college.” she says in a vitalizing tone.

“That’s good sis. Okay well now I have to go do some math homework, so I’ll text you later. Love ya!” I say.

“Alright, bye sis. Talk to you later, love you too.”



Biodiversity is the multifariousness of animality & vegetation. Biodiversity can be studied on contrastive levels for scientific discovery. Researching biodiversity extendeds to an ecosystem/habitat to study the behavior and interaction between life on earth. Species diversity is only little depth of biodiversity. In Genetic Biodiversity, it is apposite to address organisms, and it is tectonic to discover the genetic diversity that abide within a species, as well as the living state. In Ecosystem Biodiversity, it is to explore the way organisms interact with each other and their environment. You can find more knowledge about biodiversity on National Wildlife Federation.

Impact of Biodiversity

So why is biodiversity so significantly momentous in our daily lives? Well, without biodiversity we wouldn’t have all the foods and materials that contributes to the economy. Biodiversity interlinks with medicine to cure diseases and lengthen life spans. Genetic diversity advances species adjust to their environments. Since agriculture began around 12,000 years ago, and roughly 7,000 plant species have been used for human consumption. Biodiversity is an important part of Ecological Services, which makes life habitable. They take parts from cleaning water and absorbing chemicals to providing oxygen for life to breathe.

Threats to Biodiversity

To keep the Earth’s many ecosystems healthy, we need the wide-ranging variation of species on Earth; whether it’s from plants, animals or microscopic organisms. Biodiversity is the sustainability we need to survive. More than 3 billion people rely on marine and coastal biodiversity, while around 1.6 million people rely on forests for living. Deforestation and habitat loss have a vital impact on biodiversity also. According to studies, around 18 million acres of forest land has been lost to human destruction and logging, destroying ecosystems. The overexploitation of animals is also another crucial impact. Overhunting, overfishing, poaching, and overharvesting and more.  Image link:

Little Goldfish

Little Goldfish

Little goldfish, little goldfish

You live in a bowl,

you eat your food whole.

Little goldfish swims around

Never making a sound.

Little goldfish was round

Whom was bound to stick around.

With the flick of the tail,

to sailing around.

Picture from Lauramusikanski on Morguefile, link to image:

How to Form Quality Comment

Have you came across a post you would like to comment on? Want to comment on a page but don’t know how to comment? I will show you how to comment!

How to comment:

  • Pick a post you would like to comment on
  • Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the ‘Leave a thought/Comment’, and click it
  • The section to comment will pop up,  and type what you would like to say! After you’re done with your comment, press ‘Submit/Post’
  • Wait for a response!

Comments to keep or write:

  • Apply to the blog or refer to the post
  • Compliment the blogger
  • Asks questions
  • Confidence-boost for the blogger

Comment to avoid or disapprove:

  • Disregard post or blog
  • Vulgar profanity
  • Spam
  • Offending

If you want to delete a comment from your blog, you need to:

  • Go to home page of EduBlogs
  • Click ‘Comments’ on the left side menu
  • Move your curser to the comment you would like to remove, and click ‘Trash’

Good luck on commenting!